Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh, ya know. Nothin' much! You?

Who knew how much your life can change in just a few months? Roughly three months to be more specific.
To update:

1) I withdrew from college (shut up, I'm returning next semester)

2) Living back at home with the Rents. Joy. Just fricken joy.

3) Have a crazy ass job that I never thought I'd ever settle for: being a Child of the Corn. Ugh.

4) Not being engaged. Possibly singled out? Who could blame me? I'm 18. I've got SHIZ to figure out

5) Did I mention I'm back at home on Kauai? Frick.

But you know what ALWAYS makes things better??? No? Take a gander...

Mani/Pedis. A girl can just never go wrong. NEVER

Essentials to being adorable...duh.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, my hubby. Yes. MINE.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sundays as much as I'm enjoying my sundaes :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011



According to my last post, or, one of them (the one about college and such), I must have sounded like the happiest person ever right? Right. I was down to my few last days at home and SO ready to move on to bigger and better things. Moving to the city, having an awesome new roommate, making awesome new friends, diligent studying, and the list continues. I prepared myself for just that—bigger and better things. However, what I did not prepare myself for was the let down. Never did it cross my mind that, hey, you might not like it, or it may take a while to make new friends, or uhm, you actually might REALLY dislike your roommate. It just NEVER did! I mean, I was starting NEW! How COULD have a fresh slate be not just totally awesome. Well, it can. And sadly, it is.

So here I am now, just reminiscing about everything I wanted out of this new life. The only thing I did accomplish on my list of Awesome Things is the friends, I've made three new friends that are, well, awesome! So that's one thing checked off on my list. Besides that, uhhmm, yeah not too fun. I've actually got the complete opposite actually...As much as I studied, I failed my first psychology test with a whopping 63/100, I've had to leave my room at 2:30 AM because the ex-TREMELY unwanted characteristics of a certain someone (ahem, roommate!) made it physically and emotionally impossible to fall asleep, and finally, and probably the worst was when I was walking home at night and had bottle of Coca-cola thrown on me followed by some wonderful, derogatory language that I just don't want to think about. How can ANY sane person not go crazy if these unfortunate events kept happening? Good question, and I keep asking myself that every, single day. Followed by: When will I crack? When will I call my mom crying saying I want to come home (or perhaps jump off of my 8th floor balcony...just kidding)? And what will be the benefit to myself if I DO do end up doing all that? Well, probably nothing.

My mom always says that God puts me, and all of us, in these situations for a reason. And I really couldn't fathom the reason why. What a harsh God! But, as much as I don't want to admit it—she's right. God does, Buddha does, fate does, whoever you worship (even though it should be God 0:] ) does place us in these freaking scenarios, but only to make us stronger. I'm the kind of person who tends to just let people do what they do or say what they want to say and I won't mind, or I'll act like I won't mind, but inside cringe with annoyance. So, God gives me the roommate from h—uhhm...he just gives me a “difficult” roommate to MAKE me open my MOUTH. Sooner or later, I'll crack, and I'll open my mouth, and speak my mind. And let me tell you, I sure am getting there—one annoyance at a time. Then in the future I'll be able to comfortably speak my feelings when I know something is wrong. As for the Coke thing, I'm pretty sure he didn't make that guy do that or say those cruel things, because hell, I'm pretty darn sure that that guy didn't even KNOW me. I barely have FRIENDS here. How on earth can I have enemies? Ha. Ha. But because that happened, I sure know now to control my anger. What would be getting pissed off do? I felt preeeeetty scared at the time, but they drove off, back to the huge city, populated by, like, a million people, and what? I'm suppose to call the cops? I didn't even get a license plate number (if I did then his sorry ass would be found)! So what could I do? Nothing. Just blow off the steam and try to calm down and not go crazy. Oh yeah, and also hurry back home before they turn around and things could get ugly. Yeah, definitely.

So it hasn't really been my ideal college experience so far, folks. No wonderful dorm experience, or fun parties, or abundance of amazingly buff and smart hotties—no really, there are none here. So sad. Ha! ANYway, instead, there's a lot of drama, and Coca-cola stickiness, crying, therapy food sessions, oh did I mention the total of zero hot guys??? * Sigh *
Buuuut, “Whatchu gona do, char? Whatchu gona do, ya know?” -Mom

What I DO know what I can do is keep my head up. High! Oh, and study for psychology tests (which I have a mid-term this Monday! Crap!). If I keep letting all this total bull-doodoo get to my head then it won't just be my mind telling me I'm miserable. It's going to be true! And nobody wants that. I know I sure as HECK don't want that. These past two months have just made me, besides incredibly emotional and depressed, incredibly grateful. I wake up every day hating being here! But at least I wake up alive and well and so blessed with things that, at times, very much so take for granted. Back home I was surrounded my people who loved me to death and really cared. And I'm not anymore. They still feel the same way I'm sure (I hope), but they aren't physically here to tell you to just take it easy and what ever else family tells you to make you feel better. There are my awesome friends, however, that make up for it. So at least I'm surrounded by three, cool ladies that have been keeping me sane. To sum it all up: You can plan out your day or weekend, or college life, or your ENTIRE life and it can be the most promising plan ever, but there's this one Guy who's the only person that can actually make that plan roll out, switch it up a bit, or change it completely. So, you, and I, just have to be ready for it....

Monday, July 25, 2011


My days here on Kauai are finally coming to a close. After staring at the Senior Countdown numbers up in the school office go from 187 days to 2 days was a total eye-opener. And now it's come down to the last 14 days here? sheesh, you think: where the HECK did that 200 somewhat days go? you'll never get'um back and the only thing you can do is hope that you lived them well.

If I begin to explain the excitement Ive been feeling i would have to start another blog. no really, i think i'll make a separate one JUST for college because i know there will be a ton of fun/crazy/memorable shiz that will go down that will be totally yeah, look for it sometime next month ;)

anywho, that's that for now...the only thing i keep in mind is what my long-time friend, Richard, told me. One of his buds shared it with him, he shared it with me, and now i'll share it with you (straight copy-paste action. it's too awesome to be reworded) ...

"Imagine yourself at the gate, your bags packed, everything of yours is already checked in, sitting on one of those black soon as they call the section for your flight, walk up with a great smile and stride, hand the flight attendant your ticket and right before you head into that gate, hold on to the love, let go of the bad, and smile because you damn well know life is about become completely unexpected and completely awesome"

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox <3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Congrats to the Class of 2011

Can't believe i am now an alumni of Waimea High :) I can't wait to start my NEW, BETTER journey in college, which is University of Hawaii at Manoa. I'll be majoring in Animal Science and partying ;) just kidding1 haha, not really...

to all of my classmates and new freshmen(ahh!): "party hard, study harder"

RECEIVING MY DIPLOMA...HAD to fist pump!! :D

Now, i will be enjoying my summer with all my loved ones who can't come up to Oahu with me. :( it'll be sad, i'll miss'em, but i'll be back! :)
MOVE OUT DATE: August 16, 2011

Friday, October 15, 2010


As graduation sneaks into my future, there are a lot of things a girl like me, like any other girl, begins to think about: "OMG! like im so totally ready to like, move out! like yeah! and then like i can do whatever i want and like, college guys! omg! and like yeah no parents, like how COOL and how EXCITING!!!". Seriously, i totally think about that every second of pretty much every other day. Not so much college guys, cause what makes THEM so different, but moving on along with a big 'ole journey of livin'.
I'm excited to be fresh and new, be on my own (fully equipped with best friend and some basic life skills), studying (yes, studying), and being in a whole new living situation. BUT! how on earth will i make it out ALIVE?! i don't know. but im willing to just take things as they come and deal with it and then i'll know. sure i have SOME idea on what to expect, but no one has a set schedule on what ever may happen to them.
Hell, i could post this, walk into the kitchen, and snip off one of my ten digitals with a knife! not such a wonderful thought, but really who is to know except the Old Man. Thats why you goda use your "life-smarts" and don't be dumb about choices you make. if i do end up cutting that sandwich i made, maybe instead of using an extremely, rediculously sharp carving knife, i'll use one those plastic butterknives you get from McDonalds with your salad, cause u TOTALLY need a knife for salad. it gets the job done right? and safer. so, what im trying to say here is, well, save the plastic knives you get from mcdonalds like my mom does. Hehe, totally joking....not really....
But really!! i guess be wise on choices you make because they really do affect your future. I know i've made some "wonderful" choices before and i learned to live from them. The only way to understand life is to live it. And even then you might get confused. i sure do, but when you're about 87 you'll know, you might not realize you do, but you do. haha.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


oh yeah and i totally have a twitter. its like a mini blog cut down into 160 characters! <3 so follllooooowww meeee!!! :)

here's the link (or type into address bar!) :

Xoxo, Charleen!

p.s. <3 you all.

One more stinkin' week of summer...

yup, its been a fun two-and some months of summer vacation. i think this summer has been the best one yet! i've made new friends, tried new things, went to new places...isn't that what summer is all about? i think, yes. BUT don't forget that summer is just a title. seriously, it really is. the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says summer is: ice cream, bikinis, tanning, going to bed & waking up late, not having school, and, of course, hot guys. but why can't summer be all-year round? why does the fun times and smiles need to dim down after 3 months? my point: we should make it a habbit in life to always try to look at our lives as one big summer vacation. i garuntee you, you'll be one happy camper. i mean, sure you'll be back at school/work with homework, projects, and annoying subs/bosses but you still have weekends! and you still have the sun! okay, sorry i lied. some people, unfortunately, don't live in Hawaii where its summer year-round. but those people can have summer-thoughts right?

anyways, people, just remember that because summer vacation is coming to an end, you're summer thoughts don't ever need to go away. in fact, keep them in your noggen for good! but make sure you people who live where it snows dont go out to sun bathe in December! Hehehe.

well, just a quick mood-booster for all of you who are dreading the end of "summer". and HELLO?! its gona be back in, what? 9 months??!! those who are patient will receive great things. HA!

have a good one, XOXO,
Charleen :)

(pics of me and two of my gals having a wonderful summer afternoon!)